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Sunrise Clouds

By 16/01/2023January 17th, 2023News & Blog
Sunrise Kootenay Lake

Sunrise photo of the clouds on Kootenay Lake taken a few days ago, which was rather dramatically epic, and I did considered turning into a black and white but loved the colour variation. The refection of the clouds on the water were pristine, and I did also capture an hour long GoPro timelpase which is on my Instagram.


From Wikipedia

Kootenay Lake is a lake located in British Columbia, Canada. It is part of the Kootenay River. The lake has been raised by the Corra Linn Dam and has a dike system at the southern end, which, along with industry in the 1950s–70s, has changed the ecosystem in and around the water. The Kootenay Lake ferry is a year-round toll-free ferry that crosses between Kootenay Bay and Balfour. The lake is a popular summer tourist destination.